Research Institute of Next Generation AI RingAI 日印AI総合研究所

Research Institute of Next Generation AI 日印AI総合研究所

Connecting the AI Talent and Entrepreneurship of India with the Japanese Capital and High-tech Industries

About Us

Our team

Chairman Ichihashi Norio, Co-Founder of Mobileye and Former Chairman of Mobileye Japan Ltd., graduated from Tokyo University and worked forJSR before starting his own business in computer vision 20 years ago.

President Sanjeev Sinha  is a graduate of renowned IIT in India and came to Japan in 1996 for R&D in AI, followed by a career through Goldman Sachs, Mizuho, UBS and as Japan Chief Representative of Tata Asset Management and Tata Realty and Infra (Private Equity). Founding President of IIT Alumni Association in Japan and Advisor to Kyoto University and Japan Railways for 18 billion USD Indian Bullet Train Project. Author of 4 books in Japanese. ( )

Our Vision: India Japan Partnership

  • India’s strengths in software and mathematics, young entrepreneurial spirit. Japan’s strength’s in hardware, fundamental research and academic-corporate collaboration.
  • Cyber Security a must for global IoT: need for Data Centers and Secured Cloud Services.
  • Logistics infra being developed in India by Japanese capital and technology.
  • Japan’s leadership in cashless-money, and logistics and India’s need and drive towards cashless and IoT economy.
  • Opportunities for green field Autonomous Driving infrastructure.

Our specialities

Unparalleled strengths in combining Finance and Technology.

The most credible team in India Japan relations with an Academic-Corporate-Government collaboration approach.


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Research Institute of Next Generation AI 

9F, Palazzo Siena, Higashi Shinbashi 2-4-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0021 


〒105-0021東京都港区東新橋2-4-6パラッツォ シエナ9階